Whats Included.

Welcome to M3MG X CLUB. Your membership allows you to schedule hours in our studios and work spaces according to your membership. This is a monthly membership charge. You will be billed on this date every month.

This membership includes usage of our amenities: wifi, access to printer, creative lounge, kitchenette, workshops and mentorship network. 

How It Works.

This membership is for three (3) months and requires no deposit. Your membership cannot be used by any one other then yourself. If you decide to no longer continue your membership, please contact our offices in writing a week before your next billing cycle and you will not be billed. If you wish to upgrade your membership, please let us know in advance and we'll adjust your monthly rate accordingly.

What I Need To Do.

During your tour our administration team will walk you through our studios, work spaces and cover amenities.

To book a tour fill out our form below.

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